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Service has started on 2007-03-21

Total 2,015
Thereof blocked 1
Registrations today 1
Registrations yesterday 0

Total 517
Active 71
Awainting clearance 0

Total visitors 2,661,060
Total page impressions 10,039,120

Surfers right now 15
Thereof using the Beex-Viewer 4.76 %
Surfbar hits 436,543,058
Uncontrolled breach reports 0
Current Jackpot 438.76 Credits

Paid4 area
Unprocessed payouts 13.89 EUR
Paid out up to now 2,066.33 EUR

Change transactions
Paid in Lose 0 Lose
Paid out Lose 0 Lose

Other jackpots
Cascade paidmail jackpot 10.00 Credits
Klick4Credits jackpot 10.00 Credits
Klick4Win jackpot 10.00 Credits
Paidmail jackpot 10.00 Credits