Become a partner
As a partner Web sites only are allowed that do not violate German law and provide adult content. Who is the partner may have here log into their account. Basically, you should present an interesting content and a decent design on your website.

You should also have at least 5 visitors daily.

The placement of your link is determined by the number of visitors sent by you on our side. The more visitors you refer to us, the better the positioning of your links.

If desired, you can send a short daily statistics via email. Please simply in the Mark account.

We control each partner site for the registration and at regular intervals to check the local installation of the link. We also reserve the right to dissolve partnership at any time without giving reasons.

Cheat tests are also controlled.

PS: If the mouse pointer over the links in the partner section drives can read below in the status bar of the browser the visitor statistics for the previous partner.

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