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Question: Why does not my counter counts from offense?

The booked to me is integrated using JavaScript. Your page is called when mybesucher but only in a frame, so as not _top. Thus, there are problems with the JavaScript call. In most cases, an error message "access denied" and the counter is not displayed. Then, of course, the counter can not even count.

You are welcome to test, by looking up your page using this form in a frame. The counter will not be angzeigt, instead you will get an error message.

In some cases, the call works but nevertheless, the exact reasons are unfortunately not known.

But there is relief:
It must not be changed simply by omitting only the JavaScript part, and so fit, eg:
src = "" border = "0"
nosave width = "18" ​​height = "18">

Of course we can not guarantee correct operation, accept