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Question: How many credits on my website in less than the statistics of MyBesucher

The fact that a counter does not count all the calls may have many reasons.
1) Most counter use as a reload-block of 1 hour. It can happen but certainly that your website is shown to the same member multiple times within an hour, then you have no counter counts each call.
2) Depending on the cache setting, it may happen that your website does not loaded correctly, if someone visits the site once again, in this case does not count, the counter of the call.
3) Depending on the speed of your server and the size of your page, it may be that your page not within the 30 seconds is completely loaded and the counter does not count so. This problem exists mainly in FreeSpace users.
4) If your site is mybesucher displayed in a frame. Some counters that are embedded using JavaScript in your page (eg nedstat), there is thus an error message (access denied) and the counter does not count.
These are the most common reasons why not all counters Usage is counted, with the emphasis would certainly be due to No. 1.